System Information

On this page are the details of the club systems found at To find out about each part, click on the links below. In each section there is an explanation of what it is, a list of how to’s and finally FAQ. If you have any questions, first check the relevant section to see if it is answered there. If not then email

Last update: 12/06/2018

Portal access – new system can be found at


Squash Court Bookings

Tennis Court Bookings

Member details/”Find a member”



Known issues and planned updates

Mobile Useability – this is undergoing a large revamp, and assure you that it is on its way but it is a large task

Squash court bookings  – Edit button next to “my future bookings” in bookings. Currently have to navigate to the court you booked to change

Investigating a “court transfer” ability to move a booked court to a different time on the same day. Useful when payments comes in and a more preferable court time becomes available/know you will be late and a later court is available

Trial of 1hr squash court duration coming shortly