Premier Squash League team

The University of Warwick and KTSCC have again entered a joint team in the Premier Squash League

PSL team news

PSL (Premier Squash League) is a tournament organised by England Squash where clubs from around the country vie for the title of National Champions. It features some of the world’s best players.

The University of Warwick and KTSCC have entered a joint team in the tournament for the second year in a row.

The competition is split into two Divisions, based roughly on geography with Division A having mostly Northern teams and Division B mostly Southern ones.  The Warwick/KTSCC team is in Division A.

Fixtures take place between September and May with teams playing each other both home and away within their divisions. The top two teams then progress to semi-finals and a final which is staged at the National Squash Centre in Manchester.

Teams (which consist of five players) must field one female player (at number five) and include a minimum of two English players. Each squad can contain no more than two male players ranked in the world’s top 25 and one female player ranked in the world’s top 30.

Fixtures are played on Tuesday nights, starting at 7pm, with two courts in use for each tie.

Tickets for home matches can be obtained from the Warwick University Sports Centre reception or over the phone 024 7652 3011.



25 Sept - Home v Birmingham
23 Oct - Away v Bristol
6 Nov - Home v Nottingham
27 Nov - Home v Pontefract
4 Dec - Away v Newcastle
8 Jan - Away v Birmingham
5 Feb - Home v Bristol
5 Mar - Away v Nottingham
19 Mar - Away v Pontefract
2 Apr - Home v Newcastle

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Our squad

Ali Farag – WR2 from Egypt
Raphael Kandra – WR22 from Germany
Nafiizwan Adnan – WR40 from Malaysia
Iker Pajares – WR58 from Spain
Mahesh Mangonkar – WR68 from India
Victor Crouin – WR82 from France
Baptiste Masotti – WR87 from France
Daniel Mekbib – WR119 from Czechia
Mark and Chris Fuller – both of whom grew up and trained at the club
Harry Falconer, Nick Wall (both England) – talented younger players just making their mark on the PSA
Guy Pearson – no introduction needed!

Sarah-Jane Perry – local talent who needs no introduction – WR8
Julianne Courtice – WR48 from England, having recently committed to the Tour
Lucy Green – another homegrown junior ranked highly in the U19s