How to book a Tennis court

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Court booking rules

  • There is no booking fee for tennis courts
  • Courts are released 7 days in advance at 7am
  • Court duration is 45 minutes and back to back bookings are allowed
  • A maximum of four courts in advance as a booker is allowed. This was decided by tennis committee since doubles is common it should be sufficient, but under constant review.

How to book a court

To find out how to edit a court booking click here

  1. Login to the booking system at Click Bookings, click Tennis
  2. Check you are in the right section; squash should show 6 courts and tennis should show 9. If in the wrong section, click “activity” then click either squash or tennis. Or you can use the top yellow bar and click “bookings” then “Tennis”
  3. Use the calendar on the right to select the day you want to book
  4. Use the “earlier” and “later” buttons to navigate to the time you want to book
  5. Click on an empty court – courts you aren’t allowed to book are not greyed out yet – going to be updated in next version
  6. In the opponent box you must enter a name. Start typing the surname of your opponent and select them. If you don’t know your opponent, enter “*opponent TBC”
  7. If it is a guest instead, tick the guest box and enter the guest details.
  8. If you have additional opponents, then tick the doubles box and you can enter two additional opponents
  9. Click OK, and then click confirm.