Squash Court Payments

  • When booking a court, the booker incurs a £3 court fee. The booker adds the opponents to the court
  • Your account must be in credit to book a court
  • On arrival at the club when either the booker or any opponent checks in by swiping their card (how to check in on poster by the screens on 3rd April), the court lights will go on
  • The court fee will be split between the booker and all opponents that check in. This will always be possible, even if your opponent is not in credit
  • If there is a guest booked onto a court, the booker will be charged £3 per guest. Guest fees are not split with other opponents
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your opponent if they checked in.
  • All monetary disputes to be settled between members as we will not credit accounts for forgetting to check in. If you think there is a system fault, please settle monies between members and contact systems@ktscc.co.uk with exactly what happened so we can take corrective actions.

Example 1 Andy books a court and names Jay as his opponent. Andy is charged £3 on booking. When Andy arrives he checks-in switching the court lights on. Jay checks in on his arrival. Jays account is debited £1.50, and Andys account is credited £1.50

Example 2 Andy books a court and names Jay, Russ and a guest as opponents. Andy is charged £6 on booking; £3 for the court and £3 for the guest. Andy, Jay and Russ all check-in on arrival. Jay and Russ are debited £1 each to split the court fee three ways (with Andy) as there is a guest. Andy is credited £2

Example 3 Andy books a court and Jay and Russ as opponents. Andy is charged £3 on booking. Jay checks in on arrival but Russ doesn’t turn up or check in. Jay is debited £1.50 and Andy is credited £1.50. Russ gets no squash and loses the match by default.

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