Squash Court Bookings

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Booking summary

You will need to book a court to be able to play.  This will debit your account £3 (£2 off-peak) and therefore you will need funds in your account (either by topping your account up at the bar or online).  If you select an opponent and they check-in the court fee will be split equally and your account will be credited with 50% of the fee.

Court lights will turn on automatically 3 minutes before your booking and last 3 minutes after your booking (assuming the court isn’t currently in use)

If you arrive early to your court and want to extend your booking prior to your start time, you can do at a pro-rata rate at the screens (how to will be above the screens). For example if you wanted to start 10 minutes early, that would be 0.25 of a court so would be charged 75p.

If you want to extend your booking after the court has ended, you can do so by 20 minutes at the screens (how to above the screens) charged at £1.50 i.e. half a court.

Booking Rules

  • All courts used must be booked.
  • Courts are 40 minutes long and the lights switch on 3 minutes before and last 3 minutes after the court times which can be used if not interfering with another booked court
  • Peak times are from 4.40pm as advised by committee
  • Courts are released 7 days ahead, with staggered release times as follows:
    • Courts 4&5 – 7am
    • Courts 2&3 – 1pm
    • Show court&1 – 7pm
  • A maximum of 5 courts can be booked in advance, but there is no limit to the amount of courts you can be an opponent on.
  • Double court bookings are allowed
  • You must enter an opponent to be able to split court fees. When booking a court if you don’t know your opponent yet select “*opponent tbc*”. If you are playing on your own, enter “solo play”
  • If you are playing a guest, then tick the “guest” box and enter their name. A £3 fee will be applied to the booker of the court. Members found entering “solo play” instead will lose booking rights
  • If you cancel a court a court >48hrs before the start time the court fee will be refunded. Late cancellation, the court fee will not be refunded and appeals only considered in extreme circumstances
  • If you allow your account to become largely negative (could occur if you are always an “opponent” and don’t top up), you will be warned and if no action is taken you will be temporarily removed from the system.


… to book a court

… to edit a court booking

… to top-up my balance – either at the bar, or by setting up a online

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