System Information – Detailed/FAQ

Known issues/upcoming changes

  • Gradient colouring and shadowing text to be removed April
  • Not obvious which courts are available and which aren’t (i.e. so far ahead) – courts will be greyed out where you can’t book in future. Coming in next update
  • All courts released at 10am 7 days ahead for squash was chosen as it was a standard option, but is already showing to be unpopular. Customisation being put in such that courts will be released at staggered times – my oversight as didn’t think it would be so strongly desired!
  • Need to add ability to edit member details. If you have any updates then email them through to and the admin can change them
  • Edit button next to “my future bookings” in bookings. Currently have to navigate to the court you booked to change
  • Players list (equivalent to member directory in mycourts) is cumbersome. Will add a search box at the top so it is much quicker. For now when player list is open hit Ctrl+f and start typing the name and it will find it
  • Viewing site on mobile is currently poor – update is on its way
  • Considering/Investigating a “transfer credit” ability for when payments come in. If it is possible, we will keep the limit low (enough for 1 court) so if for whatever reason someone gets into your online account, little damage can be done before you notice. Under evaluation.
  • Investigating a “court transfer” ability to move a booked court to a different time on the same day. Useful when payments comes in and a more preferable court time becomes available/know you will be late and a later court is available
  • Trial of 1hr squash court duration coming in June


Why are we going through such a big change?

The main proponent though was the limited amount of customisation we can currently put in to make members interaction with the club much smoother or where we could it was prohibitively costly. So to improve this situation we have evaluated potential club system providers and found one that can do everything we want it to do.

Further there are currently several different computer systems that run things at the club: membership, bookings, door, subscriptions, leagues and more. Not all of these systems interact so there is wrong and duplicated data. This causes a big administrative headache for the committee on various levels which is time consuming when these volunteers could use their time much better.

What was wrong with mycourts?

Nothing directly – but it doesn’t provide all the facilities that we want. Staying with the same provider was at the top of our list if possible to reduce the number of changes, but this just wasn’t viable. There was nothing directly wrong with paper and excel based systems before that, but knew we could improve the situation for the members and ourselves.

How do I update my personal details?

At the moment only admin can update personal details. We are going to add in the ability to change details as soon as we can. In the meantime if you want to update any details then email the changes to . Your email is a unique identifier in the system which will be important for payments so this may remain as an admin only edit.

How is my data protected?

This is no different to the mycourts system – only members can see other member information which is limited to their number and email. You are able to opt out of showing this information to other members by logging into the portal, going to bookings->my menu->my details and uncheck “include in player list”. The maximal junior information again is an email and telephone number, but that provided to the club is always parents information. If you don’t want this available to other members then please opt out like described above.

Other personal information such as date of birth and address is only available to “super admin” accounts of which there are two – currently the book keeper and treasurer (will be membership secretary instead of treasurer).

Squash court booking (non-payments)

Why do I have to enter an opponent? That is really annoying…

This is in preparation for payments, where court fees are shared by the opponent signing in. We want to try and prevent people not being able to share court fees as they didn’t enter their opponent.

Why are courts all released at 10am?

We had two options in the initial implementation – either each court released exactly 7 days prior (i.e. court 1, 6pm released at 6pm 7 days before) or all courts at a particular time. The first option has problems as if you play at 6pm each weds then you’re playing when you want to book. We therefore went for a set time and went for 10am instead of something earlier as some people commented they aren’t up at 6am! We do have the option to customize the system such as three courts at 6am and three courts at 7pm or some variation thereof, and if noted that the members would prefer something like this then we can get that changed.

Why have you forgiven previous court fines? I just paid mine back!

The court fines were there to encourage fair booking. We are going to start a fresh so it is easier to give everyone a clean slate. For all intents and purposes all fines should have been paid and if you were using the booking system fairly then you wouldn’t have incurred any – apologies if you have just topped up but it doesn’t change the fact that you must have mis-used the system to incur them! Requests on this basis will be ignored.

My account was in credit in mycourts – can I have this transferred?

Please email

What is the late cancellation policy? Is it still the same?

Until payments comes in there is no cancellation policy with fines. Please don’t abuse this. When payments comes in one month later you pay for courts in advance (£3 per court). If you cancel more than 48hrs before then the fee is refunded. If you cancel less than 48hrs before then the fee is not refunded, not even if rebooked. This is to prevent cancellation behaviours which I get frequent emails about.

When are peak times? They seem different…

Peak times are weekdays from 4.20pm so this is the last court an off peak member can book. This follows advisory from the GC as to what the peak times are – if you have further questions about peak times then please email

How do I change my booking information?

You need to navigate to the court time you booked and click on it. Here you change the opponent. If you just want to delete the booking, you can use the drop down beneath the court to select the right one and click delete. We are working on putting an edit button there.

I can’t book anymore courts?

You have probably hit your limit of maximum of 5 court bookings in advance. Are you really going to use more than 5 courts? Are you of those people that books 10 courts and then cancels a bunch later? That’s the kind of behaviour we are trying to prevent!

Tennis court booking

Why is the court duration 45 minutes? I normally play for 90 minutes

There are some tennis sessions that are 45 minutes long so wanted the ability to book these in when all courts become available to book. To book for 90 minutes you simply book two courts back to back.

When are all the courts moving to online booking? Can I still just turn up and play?

We are yet to fix a date but we will inform via the usual mechanisms; emails, posters and noticeboards. When all courts are bookable online, whoever has booked the court is entitled to play on it – to ensure you have a particular court at a specific time it is best to book online. If you are playing on a court that someone else has booked, then you might be asked to move court.


The squash section have a computer so can easily see who has booked what. Can we have one?/How can I easily see who has booked what court?

There are plans for a tennis computer kiosk the same as squash which will hopefully appear sometime in March.

Payments – general

I am worried about having money in a member account which people can access with my member card. How secure is it?

Your member balance is stored within the system and not on the card so it cannot accidentally be wiped trying to use it elsewhere. You can only spend what is on your card when logged into your member account online to pay for courts, or at the bar. At the bar when your card is used, your name will flash up on screen as an extra layer of checking for bar staff. Realistically the only way someone else can spend your money is finding it on the floor, knowing the member name related to the number on the card (extremely unlikely) and pretending to be you to bar staff. This event we expect is highly unlikely. If you lose your card let us know straight away.

As for topping up your card, at the bar your card is scanned so it will definitely go to the right account. Setting up a direct debit online is through a secure encrypted server like any other direct debit so your information is safe.

No admin can make changes to the member balances so there is no possibility of foul play.

How does the direct debit work? Is money going to be constantly drawn from my account?

The direct debit is going to be the easiest way to ensure you have money to pay for squash courts or for drinks at the bar. It is not a monthly direct debit, it is irregular payments based on the rule you tell it – top up your account with £xx when it falls below £yy. Note that while the top up is instant, it takes 4-5 days to be taken from your bank account and a second top up isn’t allowed until the first one is collected. So an example would be to top up

Payments – squash courts

Why am I paying for the court in advance? The token system is fine

Before tokens, the stamp system was “fine”. Tokens relies on you having cash which many members find frustrating and also when the token machine goes down and the bar isn’t open you get a bit stuck. The feedback I receive is that members just want to turn up and play squash – not mess around with tokens.

To pay for courts you must have money in your member account. You then book online and your account is debited £3. When you turn up to play, you sign in with your member card and the lights will turn on. When your opponent turns up, remind them to sign in and £1.50 will be transferred from their account to yours.

How does this work if three or more are signed up to a court?

In a similar manner – when the opponents check-in this is them accepting part of the fee so it will be split between the booker and the opponents that have signed in. e.g. you book a court and put two opponents in. As the booker you pay £3 for the court. On the day when both your opponents check in, £1 will be transferred from each opponent to the booker so everyone involved will have paid £1 towards the court booking.

What if my opponent forgot to sign-in/my opponent didn’t have money on his account to accept half the court fee? I’ve paid for the whole court!

I have no doubt this will happen a few times at the beginning as it is a culture change. The admin have no way to transfer money between accounts so it will have to be sorted between you and your opponent. For the sake of £1.50 I am sure we can cope with sorting out minor problems like this between ourselves. If it’s the case of not enough money on the account, if the bar is open then you can quickly run and top it up.

Once everyone is used to it, it will be second nature. Also you don’t want to be known as the person who never pays half their court fee or people might not want to play you anymore!

I’ve forgotten my member card and can’t sign into my court. What do I do?

You can also sign in at the kiosk using your password.


What if I want to jump on court 10 minutes before my booking starts? Can I extend my booking?

The court lights will come on 3 minutes before and 3 minutes after your booking which will give you that little extra time – this was a frequent request from members! If you want to play another 20mins after the lights go off, you will be able to drop upstairs and book the additional 20min on the court you were just on to continue – similar to dropping in another token, just with a computer.

A better court time has become available on the day, but if I cancel and re-book then I would get charged twice because I wouldn’t get the first court refunded due to the cancellation policy?

A good spot from a member. We are discussing with the programmer about putting in a “court transfer” button so you can move your booking to a different time on the same day.

How is club night now going to work? Am I paying for courts in advance then?

Club night will continue to work in the same way – courts will be booked in advance and the lights will be on for people to play. Then put your money in the honesty box, write down your name and jump on court! Eventually we will switch to people signing up and paying online but this won’t happen for many months – we don’t want to implement too many changes at once.