System Information – Quick Start

Quick Start


The portal is your main point of entry accessed at .

Your username will be emailed to you when you join.  If you have forgotten your username please email

Go to the portal page and generate a new password by clicking “forgotten password”, enter your username and it will be emailed to you. Check your junk mail in case it goes in there. If you haven’t received it, try again, failing that email

On your first login click “change password” under the page banner to change it to something more memorable.

If you are struggling to retrieve your new password, please try the following things before emailing to help me out

  • check that you have entered the correct username
  • check your junk and/or clutter box in your email
  • add to your safe senders list (might need to google how) then try and resend

Squash/racketball leagues

To view the leagues go to the portal page, login and click “club competitions” then either squash or racketball. Then click “leagues”. Here you can see all the leagues and also enter results on this page. You enter the game scores and it will work out the points to allocate. The points system is still the same as in the old system; 7-2 for a 3-0 win, 6-3 for a 3-1 win and so on. The ladder in squash relates to the team ladder.

Squash booking system

Courts are released 7 days ahead at 10am, and you can only book 5 courts in advance as the booker.

To access court bookings go to the portal page, click bookings and login. It defaults to load the squash booking. To book a court, select a date from the calendar on the right, navigate to the time by clicking earlier and later. Click on a court time to book. You must enter an opponent. Start entering the surname of your opponent and select them when they appear and click book.

If you don’t know your opponent at the time, enter solo play – forcing opponent entry is a conscious decision for when payments comes in (you will want to update with who you are actually playing when this comes in to share the court fee, see payments). We are adding a “*opponent TBC*” option which makes more sense, will let you know when this is in.

For guest, tick the guest box, for solo play, type “solo” in the box. If you want to enter more than one opponent tick the doubles box and you can enter more.


Peak times are from 4.20pm as advised by the GC.

This is the essential info, for more see detailed.

Tennis booking system

Tennis have decided to move to a booking system to encourage greater and fair court usage. To book a court it is the same as the squash section. When logged into bookings, click “activity” and then “tennis” to get to the tennis courts.

Tennis bookings will be accepted on the new system from 2nd March for Thursday courts the following week i.e. 9th March. Courts are released 7 days ahead at 6am. Eventually all courts will be on the system to be booked at a date TBA.

Court types are listed below the system for your information. Each court session is 45 minutes long. You are allowed to book back to back bookings so you can have a typical 90 minute session.

To book a court, select a date from the calendar on the right, navigate to the time by clicking earlier and later. Click on a court time to book. You must enter an opponent. Start entering the surname of your opponent and select them when they appear and click book. If you want to enter more than one opponent tick the doubles box and you can enter more.

The booking system is now the ultimate – if you haven’t booked the court on the system that you are playing on, but someone else has and they turn up they are entitled to move you to another court.

When all courts become available you will be restricted to booking up to 270 minutes (6 sessions) in advance. Since most people play doubles this should be sufficient but will be reviewed.

For a more detailed walk through on how to book a court, check out the “how-to” section.

Member/Door cards

We are distributing new member cards from 13th March for two weeks over several sessions including the AGM. The member card will have four functions

  • Payment at the bar from 3rd April
  • Signing into squash courts from 3rd April – this is required to turn the lights on the court, and also to accept half the court fee (see payments). Also to book courts while at the club on the kiosks
  • Entry to the club from 1st May – until this date, your old card is your entry card
  • Signing in/payment for squash courses from 1st May

Ensure you arrange to collect your door card. There will be a number of opportunities to do so, and will be easier for us than collecting it later.

Payments – general

Every member will now have an account balance associated with the club which you can use with your member card. Essentially it is a pre-paid top up card. You can use this to

  • Buy drinks and items at the bar
  • Pay for squash court bookings while at the club/sign-in for a court
  • Pay for squash courses while at the club (from 1st May)

If you have money in your member account then there will not be a necessity to carry cash which has long been a request of the members. We are looking into coffee machines and vending machines that will also accept member cards so we can be truly cashless (if you want to be – cash still accepted at the bar).

Squash in particular it is important to keep your card topped up as it will be the way to pay for courts. See the next section on court payments. The easiest way to ensure this is by setting up a direct debit.

There are two ways you can top your card up:

  • Top up at the bar
  • Setup a direct debit. This will only need to be done once through the portal by clicking on payments.

The direct debit is setup with the option to top-up your account with £xx when your member account falls below £yy. The transfer to your member account is instant, but may take 4-5 days to be taken from your bank. A second transfer can only be done after the first one has been processed with your bank so please consider this when setting your limits i.e. it should top up enough to get you through a week.

The committee have no access to individual member balances so they cannot be altered, increased or provide refunds.

Payments – squash courts/Auto lights

Squash courts will now be paid for using your member balance so you will want to keep this topped up (see previous section). IMPORTANT When the system goes on 3rd April, your account will be debited for all future courts you have booked so your account will go overdrawn. On this day you will need to top-up. Similarly if you want to accept half the court fee (see later), you need money in your account from this date. PUT THIS DATE IN YOUR DIARY TO TOP UP YOUR ACCOUNT I will send numerous reminders to try and prevent issues.

Courts are paid for in advance by the booker where the court cost is £3. As usual you must enter your opponent when booking. It is important that if your opponent has changed (or you had solo play entered) that you update your booking because…

When you arrive to play either the booker or your opponent signs in by swiping their door card on the USB reader by the kiosk. When the opponent signs in, this is them accepting half the fee – £1.50 will be transferred from the opponent account to the bookers account. Remember to sign in. We realise this is a culture change, but don’t feel awkward asking/being asked if you signed in. If you forget, it is between the booker and the opponent to sort out the booking fee split as the admin cannot alter funds in member accounts.

Multiple players, the court fee will be equally split between all players when they have signed in.

This will turn on the court lights – court lights will turn on 3 minutes before your booking and last 3 minutes after. This was a frequent request from members… enjoy 🙂

There are no late/no show fines anymore because you pay for the court in advance – if you don’t show up, then you lose what you have already paid for the court.

If you cancel the court more than 48hrs before, the court fee of £3 will be released back to the booker. If you cancel the court later than 48hrs before, the court fee of £3 will not be refunded. Please think about this when booking.

Courts can also be booked at the kiosks – when booking you will need to swipe your card to pay the court fee.

Payments – bar use

Your member card now has an account balance which you can top up as described earlier. To pay for items at the bar simply order your usual with the bar staff and hand over your member card. Your member account will then be debited with the cost of your purchase with no hassle (assuming there is enough money in your member account). If you have a direct debit setup, it will auto top-up when you are getting low on funds.

Door access

From this date you will have to use your new member card to access the club as the old one will no longer work.

Payment of squash courses

More info coming soon