Do your bit and remember to brush our new tennis courts!

To keep our new courts in perfect condition please can ALL members brush the non-hard courts if you are the last people to play and the weather is dry. This means all adult and junior members and coaches please! The following information is from FOSSE – our court suppliers:

Brushing the surface is a crucial operation if premature loss of appearance and drainage is to be prevented. Apart from freshening the look of the surface (rather like a lawn mower striping a lawn), the purpose of regular and fairly vigorous brushing is to prevent the formation of a compacted and impervious skin on the top of the sand layer which will inhibit drainage and encourage moss and algae.

The FOSSE supplied brushes we have are ideal for hand brushing. They can be dragged over the surface, or better still, pushed. Brushing should ideally be done in both directions: in the length of the court and then at right angles across it. So members please feel free to choose a direction that suits you and vary it occasionally!

Don’t forget to do the back of the court too – a brush-width or two behind the baseline will keep the whole playing surface in good condition.