New System – Payments

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[from 3rd April] Associated with your member account is a member balance. This is directly linked with your member card too. With credit in your account you will be able to:

  • Make purchases as the bar using your member card
  • Pay for squash courts online
  • Accept squash court fees on check-in
  • Sign up to squash courses online (coming May)

There are two ways to credit your member account:

  • Top up with cash at the bar using your member card
  • Setup a direct debit – click on the link for a how to, with the setup site here

The direct debit will be called for an amount that you set when your balance falls below a specified amount. You can also call a direct debit to top-up you account manually on the top-up member balance page or in the bookings page by going to “my menu” then “my account”.

You will only be able to spend if your account is in credit with the following exceptions:

  • If on direct debit and waiting for it to clear, you will be able to go negative equal to the amount of your top up
  • Accepting half the court fees when signing into a squash court. If you’re too negative the system will flag it and you could lose system access.

Check your balance – to check your balance you can either

  • Present your member card at the bar and they will be able to tell you your balance (from 3rd April)
  • In the online bookings page; shown in the blue bar above the calendar
  • On the top-up member balance page; accessible by clicking the link in the top yellow bar

See previous transactions

To see your previous transactions, go to the bookings page, click “my menu” in the blue bar, then “my account”.