200 Club


Join now! And be in with a chance of winning a prize

NUMBERS ON SALE FROM 1ST MAY – £3 per month per number

How it works: 200 ‘numbers’ are available to members to buy one or more ‘numbers’ per year (up to a maximum of 5). Prizes are given on a monthly basis to winners whose numbers have been drawn.

Two Cash Prizes are awarded monthly representing 12% and 18% of the income monthly (£72 and £108 monthly when the 200 Club is fully subscribed)

A Bonus Prize is awarded FOUR times a year representing 20% of the income quarterly (£360 quarterly when the 200 Club is fully subscribed)

How do I buy a number?

Fill in a form below and set up an annual or monthly direct debit, or pay by bank transfer.  Payment details will appear in place on the form on submission.

Numbers bought Annual direct debit on 1 May 12 x Monthly direct debits from 1 May
1 £36 £3
2 £72 £6
3 £108 £9
4 £144 £12
5 £180 £15

(If you want to join after 1 May you will have to pay by monthly direct debit for the requisite number of months remaining until 30 April 2018 eg  if you join from 1 July you will pay 10 x monthly direct debits)

200 Club